Carriage of immersion suits on cargo ships flying Malta Flag
The Malta Government has notified ClassNK of carriage requirements and air pressure tests of immersion suits as below (Technical Notice SLS.8 Rev.2).

Contents of ClassNK Technical Information No.TEC-0658 (only requirements for Malta flagged vessels) and No.TEC-0953 were integrated into this ClassNK Technical Information, and therefore this ClassNK Technical Information supersedes No.TEC-0953.
As for requirements for other flagged vessels described in No.TEC-0658, please refer continuously.

1. Requirements for the carriage of immersion suits
(1) A ship other than a bulk carrier, as defined in SOLAS 74 Chapter IX Regulation 1, as amended, which is constantly engaged on voyages in warm climates, may be exempted from the requirement of SOLAS 74 Chapter III Regulation 32.3.2, as amended. The following sea areas have been defined as warm climate sea areas for the scope of application of exemption provisions contained in the regulation:
(i) the sea area between the parallels of latitude 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South
(ii) the sea area of the Mediterranean Sea south of latitude 35 degrees North
(iii) the sea area within 20 nautical miles from the coasts of Africa not included in the sea areas above
(2) On ships that are required to provide every person onboard with an immersion suit complying with the requirements of the Life-Saving Appliances Code Section 2.3 there shall also be available:
(i) at least two additional immersion suits of the same type located in the navigating bridge
(ii) at least two additional immersion suits of the same type located in the engine room
(iii) at least two additional immersion suits of the same type located at workstations where the crew performs its normal duties (except watch-keeping duties), if the horizontal distance from the workstations to the stowage position of the immersion suits is more than 100 metres
(iv) an adequate number of immersion suits intended solely for training purposes and marked accordingly. (The number of immersion suits is deemed by managers of ship under consideration of actual number of crew participating in the drill, drill content, etc. the said number is not included in the Form E to the SE Certificate.)
Source classnk

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