şubat 1.hafta 2.el gemi satışları
Foresight has agreed to purchase from Ship Finance International the VLCC “FRONT CIRCASSIA” (306,009 dwt, Built Mitsubishi 1999, 3 pumps, MAN-B&W) for US$ 18.5 million. With an LDT of about 42,260 long tons this barely exceeds her value for recycling. The vessel is at Singapore.
Chinese buyers are paying US$ 6 million for the excess Panamax  OCEAN ACCORD” (70,514 dwt, Built Namura 2000, 3 pumps, 36m beam, Sulzer).
Laurin is reported to have sold “TAPATIO” (46,764 dwt, Built Brodotrogir 2003, epoxy, 14 tanks/pumps, 2 x MaK) for US$ 10 million with 5 years BB back and built-in purchase options.
Principal Maritime has sold the stainless steel chemical carrier “PRINCIMAR EQUINOX” (19,976 dwt, Built Ningbo Xinle 2012, 16 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) for US$ 15 million. Indonesian buyers are paying US$ 10.7 million for “YELLOW RAY” (19,937 dwt, Built Usuki 2003, stainless, 22 tanks/pumps, B&W).
Falzon, Malta is paying US$ 3.5 million for “MARTINA” (11,137 dwt, Built Nuovi Cantieri Apuania 1998, epoxy, 14 tanks, 7 pumps, 2 x MaK).
BDI 1125 (1095) – up 30;  BCI 1790 (1470) – up 320.
Greek buyers are paying reg. US$ 36/36.5 million for Cape size “SOUTH TRADER” (181,343 dwt, Built Koyo 2014, MAN-B&W).
Winning International is adding a pair of Newcastlemax types to its 30-odd portfolio of Cape size vessels with the purchase of “MINERAL NIPPON” (203,275 dwt, Built Universal 2007, MAN-B&W) and sister “RUBENA N” (203,323 dwt, Built Universal 2006) at US$ 23.5/22.5 million resp.
“BAROQUE” (114,248 dwt, Built New Times 2011, MAN-B&W) and similar (not sister) “BEL AIR” (114,167 dwt, Built Shanghai Shipyard 2010, MAN-B&W) have been taken by Anglo International for US$ 21 million/US$ 20 million resp.
Post-Panamax “TANSANIT” (92,776 dwt, Built COSCO Zhoushan 2011, MAN-B&W) has obtained US$ 17.2 million from Interocean, Buenos Aires; W Marine is paying US$ 16.4 million for “TRANS SHANGHAI” (93,260 dwt, Built Jiangsu Newyangzi 2010, MAN-B&W).
Transocean has sold Supramax “ANGEL B” (58,679 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Cebu 2008, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) for US$ 14.15 million to Thai Thoresen who own a sister ship, “THOR CONFIDENCE” (2008) purchased in May last year for 13.4 million. A Supra built in China, Peter Doehle’s “CALIMERO” (56,854 dwt, Built COSCO Dalian 2011, cranes 4 x 36 tons, MAN-B&W) has been sold for US$ 11.2 million.
Middle Eastern buyers are paying US$ 4.25 million for the former Sanko OH type “THOR ENDEAVOUR” (42,529 dwt, Built Namura 1995, 8HH, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W, 9,016 ldt).
The gearless “SIRIOS BULKER I” (7,601 dwt, Built Jiangsu Yangziang 2007, MAN-B&W) has been sold to Nova Algoma Shortsea Carriers for in excess of US$ 3 million. Philippine buyers are paying US$ 2.5 million for “ANNA CHRIS” (5,408 dwt, Built Gisan Turkey 2001, cranes 2 x 40 tons, MaK).
London-based Borealis is acquiring “HS ROSSINI” (3,421 TEU, 46,020 dwt, Built Rongcheng Shenfei 2012, cranes 3 x 45 tons, 1 x 35 tons, Wartsila) for US$ 11.2 million.
This week’s purchase by MPC Containers comprises “CMA CGM POINTE DU DIAMANT” (2,824 TEU. 39,155 dwt, Built Hyundai Mipo 2006, gearless, MAN-B&W) at US$ 10.5 million. The similar “CMA CGM L’ETOILE” (2,556 TEU, 34,251 dwt, Built Hyundai H.I. 2005, gearless, Sulzer) has been sold to Costamare at an undisclosed level.
“MCC KYOTO” (1,713 TEU, 22,314 dwt, Built CSBC 2008, cranes 2 x 40 tons, MAN-B&W) is changing hands for US$ 10 million as is her sister vessel “MCC SEOUL”.
Lomar has sold “MACAU TRADER” (1,078 TEU, 16,696 dwt, Built Atlantis Singapore 2001, cranes 2 x 40 tons, B&W) to Malaysian buyers on private terms, delivery took place in December. The gearless “OPDR TANGER” (698 TEU, 8,168 dwt, Built Fujian Mawei 2008, MaK) has obtained US$ 3.7 million.
Apparently the Brazilians are finally running out of iron ore - no new orders for VLOCs this week . . .
There have been a few 82,000 dwt Kamsarmax orders however, Wisdom Marine have ordered two at JMU at US$ 32 million each delivery 2019/2020 and Vrontados have gone to Namura for one option one at US$30.3 million each delivery 2020. W Marine has ordered in China, one option one at Taizhou Kouan for FH 2020, price unreported.
Evergreen has signed with Samsung for eight 12,000 TEU container vessels, deliveries 3/2020 to 5/2021. A total price of US$ 752 million has been reported = US$ 94 million per vessel.
An order for two 114,000 dwt Aframax tankers has been placed by Oceangold Tankers Greece at Daehan, Korea, delivery 2019, price US$ 44 million each.
Conflicting reports surround the NYK VLCC “KAI-EI” (299,997 dwt, Built IHI 2004, Sulzer). Some sources claim she has been committed to Pertamina for US$ 27 million on long subjects of several months, while others report that the Sellers have bitten the bullet and gone with a bid from Greek buyers at US$ 23 million for prompt delivery.
Norwegian buyers have agreed to pay US$ 12.9 million for MR product carrier “ARCTIC BRIDGE” (50,921 dwt, Built STX 2005, IMO III, epoxy, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W). An older sister vessel, International Seaways’ “SEAWAYS ALCMAR” (46,248 dwt, Built STX 2004, IMO III, epoxy, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) has obtained US$ 10.65 million.
Indonesian buyers are to acquire the stainless steel chemical carrier “GREEN RAY” (19,940 dwt, Built Usuki 2003, IMO II/III, 22 tanks/pumps, B&W) having agreed to pay US$ 10.7 million. A smaller stainless vessel, “CRANE JUPITER” (8,558 dwt, Built Higaki 2002, IMO II, SUS 316L, 14 tanks/pumps, B&W) has obtained US$ 6.5 million also from Indonesian owners.
Vietnam-controlled LPG carrier “EVERRICH 10” (76,892 cbm, Built Mitsubishi 1995, Mitsubishi main engine) has been sold to Indian buyers for US$ 18 million. Carbofin has sold “SOLARO” (LPG, 37,314 cbm, Built Sestri 1996, Sulzer) for US$ 8.9 million.
BDI 1095 (1219) – down 124;  BCI 1470 (1772) – down 302.
Another week with a distinct lack of modern tonnage sold.
Capesize “AQUAGLORY” (171,015 dwt, Built Sasebo 2003, B&W) has been sold within Greece for US$ 15 million. “CERTOUX” (169,159 dwt, Built Samho 2000, B&W) which is due for drydocking this month has been concluded to Cypriot buyers for US$ 11 million.
Panamax “DRAKE” (76,781 dwt, Built Sasebo 2006, MAN-B&W) has been sold on private terms; Chinese buyers are paying US$ 9.3 million for “JULIAN” (73,613 dwt, Built Jiangnan 2003, MAN-B&W).
 ALBION” (58,732 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Zhoushan 2008, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) has achieved US$ 13.95 million from Thoresen Thai; a prior sale in December at US$ 13.3 million appears not to have materialized. Oshima-built “NORD MARU” (55,745 dwt, Built 2/2006, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) has realized US$ 11.7 million; older vintage “LAMINIA” (53,531 dwt, Built Imabari 2001, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W) is sold for US$ 9 million subject to inspection.
Handymax “CALIX” (46,644 dwt, Built Mitsui 2000, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W) is going to Chinese buyers at US$ 8.1 million; “F.F.WISH” (46,644 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Fukuyama 1997, cranes 4 x 25 tons, B&W) went for US$ 5 million.
The newest vessel sold this week, “IKAN JEBUH” (33,145 dwt, Built Kanda 2011, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Mitsubishi) is sold to Greek buyers for US$ 12.4 million.
Box hold type “DENEB” (27,415 dwt, Built Kouan, China 2006, cranes 2 x 45 tons, 2 x 40 tons, Mitsubishi) has been concluded at US$ 7 million; Chinese buyers have agreed to pay US$ 5.6 million for “ORIENT SUNRISE” (28,514 dwt, Built Kanda 2001, cranes 4 x 30 tons, Mitsubishi, 2 generators).
Buyers are paying in excess of US$ 7 million for “ANNELISA” (18,763 dwt, Built Yamanishi 2008, cranes 3 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W); an older 4HH type, “URANIA” (24,247 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Cebu 1998, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W) obtained US$ 4.2 million.
MPC has added two more vessels to its rapidly expanding portfolio, “CAMELLIA” and sister “DAHLIA” (2,824 TEU, 39,418 dwt, Built Hyundai Mipo 2006, gearless, MAN-B&W); an en bloc price of US$ 21.8 million has been agreed. “HERMES” (2,490 TEU, 34,365 dwt, Built Poland 2006, cranes 3 x 45 tons, MAN-B&W) is being purchased by African Express Lines, no price reported.
Greek buyers have agreed to purchase “IS CHINA” (1,708 TEU, 21,908 dwt, Built Imabari 2008, gearless, MAN-B&W) for US$ 10.5 million
Lomar is selling “DOROTHY TRADER” (1,078 TEU, 16,742 dwt, Built Atlantis Singapore 2002, cranes 2 x 40 tons, B&W) to other Greek interests, no price reported. Hai An Transport, China is paying US$ 7.5 million for “ASIATIC JADE” (1,155 TEU, 12,545 dwt, Built Sedef Tuzla 2005, gearless, B&W).
More large ore carriers have been contracted by owners in the east against an apparently never ending source of long term employment for account Vale. U-Ming Marine Transport, Taipei has ordered two 325,000 dwt vessels form Qingdao Beihei for delivery 2020, price US$ 75 million each while SK Shipping, Seoul has ordered two vessels of the same size at Dalian Shipbuilding with later delivery, March and May 2021, price US$ 74.2 million each.
M/Maritime, Greece has placed a contract with Mitsui for two 60,200 dwt Ultramax bulkcarriers, delivery SH 2019/FH 2020. M/Maritime has also gone to Saili with an order for one 37,000 dwt handy type, delivery 1Q 2020. No price has been reported in either case.
Sinokor has ordered three 300,000 dwt, VLCCs from Hyundai Samho, delivery 12/2019.
Pantheon Tankers, Greece has declared options for two 50,000 dwt MR product carriers in Korea at STX, price US$ 33 million per vessel.
Bangladesh has eclipsed its neighbours in the Subcontinent with the purchase of three vessels reported this week:
Name:                                    LDT:                DWT:              Built:   Price:              Delivery
“TAJIMARE”                        37,510            265,539          1996   US$ 445        Bangladesh
“KARADENIZ POWER-     18,365            109,832          1992   US$ 446        Bangladesh

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