The seed cake cargo amendments in the IMSBC Code will become mandatory on January 1, 2021. Now, the North Club explains the differences and changes that have taken place concerning seed cake. To remind, the IMSBC Code states UN 1386(a) is to be carried in bulk only with special permission from the competent authority. Ιn early 2020, CINS, along with the International Group of P&I Clubs published guidelines for the carriage of Seed Cake in containers. The practices were intended to improve safety during the carriage of Seed Cake and to ensure that it is properly declared, packaged and carried. Now, according to North Club's John Southam, the amendments which have been in place on a voluntary basis since 1 January 2020, significantly change the seed cake schedules. The existing schedule for SEEDCAKE UN 1386 (b) has been revised, the SEED CAKE (non-hazardous) schedule has been removed and two new seed cake schedules have been created. SEED CAKE, containing vegetable oil UN 1386 (a) mechanically expelled seeds, containing more than 10% of oil or more than 20% of oil and moisture combined. The IMSBC Code includes a list of products where this schedule does not apply as they have been proven not to be class 4.2. One of the exceptions is “solvent extracted rape seed meal, soya bean meal, cotton seed meal and sunflower seed meal, containing more than 4% oil and 15% oil and moisture combined". The 2018 edition of the IMSBC Code did not include rape seed pellets in this list of exceptions, but it did include the additional text “and being substantially free from flammable solvents” which has been removed for the 2020 edition. SEED CAKE UN 2217 with not more than 1.5% oil and not more than 11% moisture. The 2020 edition omits “and being substantially free from flammable solvent” and replaces rape seed meal pellets with rape seed meal and rape seed pellets. There are no changes to the documentation requirements, the Master still needs a certificate from a person recognized by the competent authority of the country of shipment specifying the oil content and moisture content to be issued as well as a full and correct cargo declaration. Seed cakes and other residues of processed oily vegetables - Group B This is a new schedule and applies to products that are substantially free from flammable solvents and chemicals. It is classed as a Group B cargo and must have undergone prescribed testing to be classified as a ‘material hazardous in bulk’ (MHB) due to its self-heating properties. Seed cakes and other residues of processed oily vegetables - Group C To be classified as this Group C cargo, it must be substantially free from flammable solvents and chemicals.

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