Ballast Water Treatment Technology

There may be many ballast water treatment research activities underway around the world as follows:
Projects,completed or under way:
Croatian Ballast Water Treatment Project
Research and development center for Mariculture,Dubrovnik Croatia
Killing of invasive Marine Species of Ship’s Ballast Water using Hydroxyl Radical on Board in the Main Pipe of Discharge
Dalian Maritime University,China
Application Study of Ballast Water Treatment by Electrolysing Seawater
Dalian Maritime University,China
Basic Examinations of the Biological,Chemical and Physical Characteristics and Loading of Ballast Water and the Design of Process Modules for its Treatment and Disinfection Onboard
Berkefeld Water Technology,Celle and Bremen,Germany
Bremen –Ballast Water Project
GAUSS mbH,Bremen ,Germany
TTZ Bremerhaven,Germany
University of Strathclyde,UK
Institute de Soldadura Qualialidade,Portugal
Anew Modular Concept for the Treatment of Ship’s Ballast Water
Hamann Wassertechnik GMBH,Germany
The Artemia Testing System for Ballast Water Treatment
The Ternary Effect for Ballast Water Treatment
Arkal Filtration Systems,Israel,USA
Progress Report on the Special Pipe System as a Potential Mechanical Treatment for Ballast Water
Laboratory of Marine Technology of Kyushu-Island,Japan
Superconducting Magnetic Separator for Ballast Water Treatment,Japan
Ballast Water Treatment System with Jet Filter
Mitsui O.S.K Lines,Japan
A proposed Frame Work For Approving Ballast Water Treatment Technologies
Cawthron Insttute,Nelson, New Zealand
Ballast Water Treatment Verification Protocol-DNV

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